The Dreamweaver Foundation Updates

Published by Kelsey Ruwe, Director of Human Resources and Dreamweaver Executive Director, Cheri Mastny

The Dreamweaver Foundation has been rocking and rolling, helping our greatest generation reach their dreams!

Cheri Mastny joined our team on July 1 as our official Executive Director. Cheri brings senior health experience and non-profit knowledge to the foundation. We are super excited to have her on board; I am sure you will be seeing her around the Carson Wealth Office in the future.

We just completed a family dinner dream last week, and it was a huge success. Watch a video of the dream here:

To date, The Dreamweaver Foundation has successfully granted nine dreams and we are currently working on another nine. Coming up in September, Rich, a senior, is going to get to see his granddaughter get married, something he thought he was going to miss due to his Parkinson’s disease. He and his family are elated and so are we. In October, we are helping Ron, another senior, travel to the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York City with his siblings, something he has wanted to see since he was a boy. All of these dreams are not possible without the continued support of people like you!

We are working on planning our annual auction in December. We are always looking for volunteers to make events like this go off without a hitch. If you are interested, or for more information, go to

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