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Published by Minna Burns

Many people hear the name Carson Wealth and they know us to be a trustworthy and reputable wealth management firm, they are aware of Ron Carson’s success over the years and they recognize our headquarters on 132nd and Dodge in Omaha, Nebraska. However, there’s so much more to know about our firm. If you click on the bio of any team member at Carson Wealth, there is a fun, fact-filled “Getting to Know You” section. Similarly, we thought it would be fun to also share 10 Facts to Know About Carson Wealth.

1. Founder and CEO, Ron Carson, is also a New York Times best-selling author.

With four published books, Ron has appeared on the list of New York Times best-selling authors. His written works include the first and second edition of Tested in the Trenches, a book targeted toward registered investment advisors offering investment management services; Avalanche, an inspirational read about uncovering True Wealth and its accompanying blue printing process; and, his most recent book, The Sustainable Edge, ideas and lessons on how you can lead a richer entrepreneurial life. The Sustainable Edge is now available on Amazon.com so be sure to order your copy today!

2. Carson Wealth is consistently ranked among the nation’s top financial advisors.*

In 2004, Barron’s began publishing a list of the top wealth management firms in the US. Since the list’s inception, Carson Wealth has consistently appeared on the list and has received the #1 ranking in the state of Nebraska each year! In 2014, Barron’s announced its list of top wealth management firms who were inducted into its inaugural Hall of Fame and Carson Wealth was 1 of only 2 independent firms to receive the honor.

3. Carson Wealth Management Group is comprised of 3 independent businesses.

Many are familiar with Carson Wealth, which provides high net worth wealth management, but did you know that under Carson Wealth Management Group are 2 additional companies: Carson Group Coaching and Carson Group Partners? Carson Group Coaching is a coaching program that offers practice management tips to over 1,000 wealth management firms while Carson Group Partners allows select advisors to build their businesses by leveraging expertise, resources and high net worth services for registered investment advisors.

4. Carson Wealth has over 20 propriety investment strategies.

Whether you’re an ultra-high net worth investor or are just starting to build your wealth, Carson Wealth has investment strategies designed to meet your unique needs and financial goals. Our wealth advisors begin by understand your investment objective and risk tolerance to determine your Family Index Number – the rate of return needed to pursue your goals. Then, they come up with a personalized allocation of investment strategies that match your investment objective during your time horizon.**

5. Many internal stakeholders at Carson Wealth are actively involved in the community.

Carson Wealth allows its internal stakeholders to take 8 hours annually to volunteer in their community. We also offer match contributions made to non-profit organizations. Several internal stakeholders actively participate in TeamMates, a youth mentoring program. Others actively volunteer or donate to The Dreamweaver Foundation, a non-profit founded by Ron and Jeanie Carson that fulfills end-of-life wishes for impoverished, terminally ill seniors.

6. Carson Wealth recently offered a new service called Focused Planning.

Our Wealth Enhancement Group now provides complementary focused planning, which includes identification of your Family Index Number, personalized cash-flow based planning, risk management planning and Social Security Analysis. Carson Wealth provides a whole suite of services beyond high net worth investment management – we also offer estate planning, tax planning and more!

7. Carson Wealth clients stay informed!

We provide proactive and transparent communications to ensure our clients know what’s going on with their investments and in the market. Through our Weekly Market Commentary, newsletters, blog, videos, whitepapers, infographics and trade notifications, there’s a variety of informative resources that speak to all ages. If the market takes a dip, we notify clients so they understand that their financial plan is designed to withstand these market fluctuations. We’ve found this proactiveness helps to provide confidence during times of volatility. Carson Wealth also invites clients to attend morning meetings, sends research notes and offers behind-the-scenes access to the investment professionals on the Investment Committee and Research Department.

8. Carson Wealth adheres to a Client Bill of Rights.

For the benefit of our clients, we adhere to a well-defined bill of rights. You can find a copy of the Client Bill of Rights at the desk of each internal stakeholder. Why is this so important? Our clients have come to expect service that exceeds expectations so we seek to ensure we all have a code to live by.

9. We are regular contributors to CNBC and US News & World Report.

As a member of the Financial Advisor Council of CNBC, Ron regularly contributes to cnbc.com. Brett Carson, Director of Research at Carson Wealth, also has a monthly guest column in US New & World Report. Visit our News page to read past publications!

10. Carson Wealth has 5 office locations with Partner offices that span over 100 locations!

Carson Wealth is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska but did you know we also have locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Cedar Rapids as well as Indiana? If you add Carson Group Partner offices to that number, we have over 100 office locations across the country!

Interested in knowing more about Carson Wealth or the members of your team? Contact us so we can be sure to share more interesting information including our Wealth Designed. Life Defined.™ investment process or take our Risk Survey and a member of our team will follow up with you.

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